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Australian Drag racing is an extremely popular sport amongst the online betting fraternity, and has grown into a wonderful spectator sport across the whole country. Betting on drag racing has become vastly popular amongst Australian punters across the country and in almost every state. With races held every weekend, punters are wildly attracted to this adrenalin fueled sport.
Betting on Drag racing in Australia can be done at the tracks or even online via a vast number of online sites. As it is a spectator sport, many of the track days will advertise a family outing to come and have picnic and watch some of Australia’s finest race head to head.
As a punter there are other facilities separate from the family areas to which he/she can enjoy a beverage and place bets freely.
Collecting data on these cars and their drivers is vitally important for the punter when trying to find the right drag cars and drivers to bet on.

Drag Racing Cars

Many of Australia’s top drag racing teams rely on all the information they can get their hands on. This varies from track conditions, track temperatures and even weather conditions. The more information you can get, the better your chances are of getting the right setup for your car.
These cars are super-fast and can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour in just 400 meters. The cars are fitted with world class safety technology and equipment to protect the driver at all times. Parachutes are deployed after the car passes the finish line to help slow down the drag car as the speeds reach dangerous levels.

Know your Drivers

Drag cars are nothing without their drivers. Sufficient homework needs to be done when selecting a driver to bet on for a race. Many drivers are capable of driving well, but it’s the really experienced drivers that stand out of the bunch.
A good driver is able to feel certain inconsistencies in his car and can tell the crew where to adjust it to suit the track and give him a certain edge over the rest of the field.
A great driver is capable of knowing when he has to go all out against certain opponents and risk pushing the car to its limits and possibly damaging it, or when he is up against a slightly weaker rival.
Against the weaker opponent he can turn down the power and preserve the car for when he is up against someone who may pose more of a challenge.

A Day At The Races

Drag racing in Australia is becoming so popular these days that racing is done every weekend. This makes it great fun to follow the racers and keep notes of which drivers are moving up in the rankings and which drivers or teams are having problems with their cars. Once a punter can follow all of this it makes for easier betting on future races.
There is great rivalry amongst these racers, but also amazing comradery. Often rival crew members are seen rushing to an accident scene to assist, or even offering to help out with spare parts should something go wrong with another team’s car.
It is a highly competitive sport but at the same time very honourable. Betting on these racers is great fun and a great family outing.

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